A happy Seaford woman is this morning still recovering from last night’s celebratory drinks after winning a Keno Spot 8 prize of $50,000 in draw 2438692 on Sunday 2 December 2018. 

The happy winner explained to us she regularly picked up a Keno Spot 8 from The Beach Hotel, Cnr Commercial Road and Griffiths Drive, Seaford when she popped in for a night out.   

“Whenever I head down to the Seaford Hotel I put a Keno Spot 8 on for 10 games and then I check it on my way out, I never watch the draw,” she explained. 

“However yesterday, the lady behind the bar come and tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘come look at the screen, I think you might have won’. 

“I went and looked on the screen and there it was! I took a photo of the screen and sent it to the kids and said come on down and celebrate. 

“They didn’t believe me at first but when they did they came down and we celebrated all night!” 

When asked how she planned to spend her Keno windfall the thrilled woman revealed it was going straight on the mortgage.

“I told my kids ‘don’t come knocking’ it’s already all gone onto the house!” she laughed. 

“It’s paid it off so the mortgage is completely gone which is a great feeling!”