The news of a life-changing $6.7 million lottery win has sent a young McLaren Vale tradie into a spin, declaring he’d be clocking off from work early to celebrate his overwhelming Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize. 

The South Australian man held the Jackpot Prize winning entry in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10474, drawn Friday 25 June 2021. He takes home $6,740,000.00. 

When we called the hardworking man this afternoon to break the life-changing news, he was busy at work and oblivious to the fact he had just won a multi-million-dollar prize. 

“You are kidding me!” he laughed. 

“This isn’t a wind up, is it? Are you sure you’re not one of my mates pulling my leg? 

“Hell yeah! Bloody oath! This is huge! 

“No way! Oh my god! Bloody hell! Crap! This is insane! 

“I saw all of these missed calls and then I thought ‘well someone clearly wants me’. I am glad I answered this call. 

“It’s just beautiful. This is unbelievable! 

“I can’t wait to call my wife and tell her this news! Mate, she is going to be blown away. 

“I am sure she will ask me to finish up for the day so we can have a few drinks to celebrate.” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his multi-million-dollar win, the young father said he was struggling to comprehend the life-changing news. 

“Oh god, I need a bit of time to process this,” he admitted. 

“I can’t believe I am a multi-millionaire! 

“We have always rented, so it means we can finally buy ourselves a home. 

“We’ve always wanted to travel lots as well, and since we can’t go overseas, we might get ourselves a caravan and take our young family around Australia. 

“The rest we will save for the future and for our kids.” 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry of 10 random numbers from – Australia’s official lotteries.