Play For Purpose is a not-for-profit raffle helping hundreds of great Australian causes supercharge their fundraising. As part of its support of community organisations, The Lott provides resources and financial support to every Play For Purpose raffle.

If you’re looking to give back to your community and have the chance to win some truly exciting prizes, then Play For Purpose could be just the ticket!

It’s the ultimate community raffle changing the fundraising game for over 500 Australian organisations. From rescuing and rehoming animals to providing relief for Aussies in need, and contributing to vital cancer research — it’s never been easier to support a cause of your choice.

Want to know how you can join the feel-good fun? Here’s everything you need to know to get involved! 

1. What can I win?

For a $10 ticket, you directly support a cause of your choice plus go in the draw to win a life-enhancing 1st Prize pack valued at $250,000! 

The new year could see you win a prize that offers the best of both worlds. The 1st Prize pack includes a brand new luxury BMW X5 xDrive 45e Hybrid SUV combining electric and petrol to help you go further for less.

The latest generation BMW technology gives you more connectivity than ever before with the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. You can access dozens of vehicle functions using natural voice commands like navigating to your nearest coffee shop or that secret weekend hiding spot.

Plus, the Smartphone Integration includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so that you can listen to hours of favourite tunes and stay entertained no matter how long the drive. 

The 1st Prize also includes $89,307 in cashable gold - to set you up for the new year. You have freedom to save the gold, invest it, or cash it in, or put it toward the life you've always dreamed of. 

2. What are the other prizes?

As well as the incredible 1st Prize pack, there are heaps of other goodies up for grabs, and just by buying a ticket, you have the chance to win!

Each raffle has 395 winners who share in a $300,000 prize pool. This includes the five major prize winners and 390 minor prizes. 

Find out more about the prizes here.

3. How does the raffle work? 

There are over 200 registered charities and 300 sporting clubs using Play For Purpose as a fun and easy way to fundraise.

It’s free for clubs and charities to join, and the more tickets sold means more funds raised for good causes across the country. 

Each raffle ticket is just $10, with a guaranteed minimum of $5 directly supporting your chosen sporting club or charity. The rest helps fund prizes and the running of the raffle.

Play For Purpose is 100% not-for-profit.

4. How does Play For Purpose help the community? 

Since 2018, Play For Purpose has helped community organisations raise more than $5 million, while over 48,000 prize winners have scored a great raffle prize while supporting an important cause.

Each charity or sporting club gets its own digital microsite and everything they need to get fundraising for free. This means less administration fees and more money going to their cause.

There are no stubs of paper for tickets or donation tins. Just plenty of exciting prizes and a way to create big impact anytime and anywhere.  

5. How do I play? 

It’s easy to play. Simply: 

  • Head to
  • Choose your cause. You can search by charity type or look for a specific organisation doing great work in your local area.  
  • Get your ticket for the next raffle! Remember a minimum of 50% of your purchase directly supports your cause and you’ll be in the running to win a 1st Prize Pack worth $250,000.

What's better than playing to win? Playing for a purpose! Grab a ticket today. 

Play for Purpose made possible by The Lott

Play for Purpose is the ultimate not-for-profit raffle that gives you the chance to win awesome prizes all while supporting a good cause. With a minimum of $5 from every $10 ticket going to a charity or sporting club of your choice, all you need to decide is who you’re playing for.  As part of its support of community organisations, The Lott provides resources and financial support to every Play For Purpose raffle. This reduces Play For Purpose administration costs and means more money from every raffle ticket goes directly to a good cause. 

Play For Purpose is conducted by the 50-50 Foundation Limited as trusteee for the 50-50 Foundation (ABN 92 944 713 763), a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Non For Profits Commission. The Play For Purpose raffle is conducted in accordance with T&Cs available at