A Marsden woman always thought she was going to win the big one, but admitted when she scratched an Instant Scratch-Its ticket and revealed a $10,000 top prize, all she could do was scream from the shock. 

The top prize winning $5 The Perfect Gift Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Marsden Soul Pattinson Chemist, Shop 11-13 Marsden On Fifth Shopping Centre, 1 Fifth Avenue, Marsden. 

Speaking with our team, the euphoric winner said she was flying high thanks to her win. 

“I was just at the chemist buying a few things and I thought I would treat myself to a little scratchie,” she explained. 

“I asked the lady to pick a random scratchie for me and she said ‘this ticket is pretty, just like you!’. And so I bought that ticket. 

“Before I scratched the ticket, I said to my family ‘this one’s the winner! It’s the big one’. 

“But then when I scratched it and saw I won, I couldn’t believe it. 

“I just couldn’t imagine something so amazing would happen to me! 

“I screamed at first and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. 

“All I felt was positivity rushing through my body! 

“This is the most amazing thing! People really do win! It does happen! 

“I am just so very happy.”

When asked how she planned to enjoy her prize, the overwhelmed winner declared she had a few things in mind.

“I am going to share my prize with my family and pay off the bills,” she explained. 

“I am pretty bad at spoiling myself, I just love treating other people, but maybe I should go on a little holiday with my family too.” 

Marsden Soul Pattinson Chemist employee Michelle Young said it brought her great joy to sell a major prize to one of her customers. 

“Isn’t it incredible,” she said happily. 

“We are just so stoked to have been able to deliver a win to one of our customers! 

“It was just so amazing to brighten her day. 

“Hopefully we have some more major wins soon.”