Here at the Lott we’ve got all the inside goss about Saturday Lotto’s $30 Million* Megadraw – the draw that creates the most  millionaires!^

From entry types and syndicates, to how many millionaires we’ve made over the years - we’ve put together everything you need to know so you’re ready for the exciting draw on Saturday 29 December 2018.

Want more chances to win a prize?

All Australian’s want to know how they can increase their chances of starting 2019 a newly-minted millionaire.

There are so many ways you can improve your chances of winning a prize with additional entry types!

Will you decide to try a System Entry or Pick Entry instead of your regular entry this year? Or maybe take part in a syndicate? If you’re interested about the ways to play you can read all about our additional entry types here.  

What could you do with a division one win?

Does the thought of winning a division one windfall overwhelm you with the possibilities? Everyone thinks they know exactly what they’d do if they won Lotto, but when the dream becomes a reality most of our winners are left completely speechless!

Get inspired by our list of 30 things you could do if you won division one. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, want to give back to the community, or want to make the lives of your loved ones easier, we’ve got a range of ideas for everyone.

Start dreaming of the possibilities here.

Hot and cold $30 Million *Megadraw numbers

Whether you have a ritual of marking your entry with loved ones' birth dates, anniversaries, and ages, or you prefer to randomise your entry every time, we can all agree that the numbers matter!

We’ve revealed this year’s hot and cold Megadraw numbers.

What are your favourite numbers? Will they be this year’s Megadraw numbers? Find out the full list of Megadraw hot and cold numbers here.

Megadraw millionaires

Did you know we’ve crowned 116 millionaires across Saturday Lotto Megadraws? That’s a lot of people starting the New Year as millionaires!

In 2011 we created the most Saturday Lotto Megadraw division one winners with 32 people across Australia sharing the $30 Million* prize pool. Find out about our winner’s classic reactions to the news here.


How many millionaires will Megadraw create this year?

Read up, select your entry type and favourite numbers, get inspired by our windfall ideas and wait by the phone to see if you’re one of our next Megadraw millionaires.


*Division 1 Prize Pool

^Draw 3803 created 19 millionaires across Australia, more than any other draw in 2017.