You may think that the biggest mistake you can make when it comes to our games is not having an entry, however, even after our players have secured their tickets there are still a few mishaps that can happen that see their prize almost slip out of reach!

We’ve rounded up the most common lottery mishaps our winners share with us. You will want to avoid making some of these mistakes, while others may prompt you to check the old tickets you have laying around, and then there is one mishap that most of us wouldn’t mind accidentally making.

Not registering your entry

We currently have 12 unclaimed division one prizes* worth more than $11 million across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. These are people who have purchased an entry but have not registered it to a players card, so we have no way of contacting them and have to wait for them to check their ticket and come forward to claim their prize. Imagine winning division one and not knowing it!

There are two lessons here! The first is to check your tickets because you could be sitting on one of these life-changing prizes. The second, is to ensure that you register your entries to a player’s card. By registering your ticket to a player’s card, your prize is secure and we know who you are so we can unite you with your prize.

Throwing out your lottery ticket

Imagine discovering there is a missing division one winner in your suburb after you have already thrown out your lottery entry by mistake! It’s important for all players to remember that you need your original lottery ticket to claim your prize, so be sure to keep yours in a safe place!

A married couple from the Blue Mountains had a morning to remember when they not only discovered they won division one but also had to race to retrieve the winning ticket from the bin.

“We realised we had thrown the ticket out a few days ago so we went through the bin to find the ticket. Just as well as it’s almost garbage day!” explained the excited husband.

Not answering the phone

We normally call our registered division one winners the first business day after a draw, however, for our big draws that offer a division one prize that is above $60 million we will reach out to any registered division one winners straight after the draw.

It’s quite often that people don’t answer their phones, despite us trying to deliver some life-changing news. So you may want to rethink ignoring your phone the next time a private number is calling! It could be us on the other end.

Not updating your players card contact details

We’re in the business of paying prizes so there is nothing more frustrating than trying to contact a registered player and not having the correct contact details! We want to unite our winners with their windfall as soon as possible and if their contact details are not up to date we simply have to wait for them to come forward to claim their prize.

This mishap happened with our $35 million Oz Lotto winner who bought her entry online but didn’t include her contact details. It wasn’t until she checker her ticket at 2am that she realised she had won. As you can imagine, she had a sleepless night waiting until she could call in the morning to claim her prize.

So, if you’ve moved lately, changed your phone number or your email address then make sure you update your details in your online account or on your players card so we can contact you.

Not checking tickets properly

How do you check your tickets? If you’re looking up the results online and manually marking off the numbers on your ticket you may want to rethink that method.

Human error happens, and it’s easy to miss a number when checking your ticket yourself. We often call division one winners who didn’t know they had won division one, despite checking their tickets themselves.

We recommend players double-check their tickets at their local outlet or by scanning their ticket at home using the Lott app on their smartphone.

If you have a ticket you haven’t checked yet, why not do it now? Click here.

Buying the same entry twice, and winning twice

This is a mistake a lot of us wouldn’t mind making! Recently we’ve had some winners who have won division one not once but twice by a happy mistake.

How you ask? Well, they’ve bought a marked entry into the draw and forgotten they’ve done that, so they bought another entry using their same ‘special’ numbers. So when their winning numbers came up, they’ve won twice.

A hard-working nurse from Heathmont had this dream come true when she discovered she won division one twice after buying an advanced entry for the first ticket.

“I thought my ticket had expired! I didn’t have it with me so I couldn’t check the date, so I went and bought another one. I usually buy six weeks at a time so I don’t have to keep going back and I just buy them for a bit of fun!

“When we checked our ticket at Euroa, the lady printed out a list of where the division one winning entries were won and on it was Heathmont which is where we live.

“When we got home I thought ‘maybe my ticket hadn’t expired’ so I check it and we had won again! We went a bit over the top when we found out yesterday!” she happily confessed.

A Sunshine Coast man also had this happy accident lead to a double win when he won division one twice in the same Saturday Lotto draw.

“Holy f***! Two?! Two?! Oh my god. I’ve got double that win? What I did is I accidentally doubled up. I buy entries in advance, but then sometimes overlap when I get the next one.” the overwhelmed winner exclaimed.

So, as you can see not every mistake is a bad one!

Most of these mishaps are easy to avoid. Simply follow our top three lottery tips:

  • Register your entry and keep your contact details up to date
  • Check your tickets at your local outlet or via the Lott app
  • Answer your phone

Oh, and make sure you don’t throw your entry in the bin!

We can’t wait to hear our next winner’s story! Will it be you?




*Correct at time of publishing