Oz Lotto’s latest jackpot roll may have been brief but it sure made a bang! Tuesday night’s $30 million jackpot draw delivered four division one winners a prize of $7.5 million each.

But they weren’t the only major lottery windfalls scored this week. Catch up on the million-dollar winning moments below.

Gisborne man screams “like a 10-year-old girl” at $7.5 million Oz Lotto discovery

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, we reckon four makes a party! Especially when you’ve got a multi-million-dollar jackpot prize to celebrate. 

Oz Lotto’s four division one winning entries came from all over the country. Two landed in Victoria, one in New South Wales, and the fourth went to a thrilled Western Australia player. 

 A self-employed Gisborne man in his 30s was among the first to discover his winning entry when he checked his ticket during his early morning commute. 

“I was driving down the road for work and I pulled in to get some fuel. But before I did that, I thought I’d just check my ticket,” he said. 

“The old lady beside me at the bowser thought I was having a fit when I screamed like a 10-year-old girl. It’s unbelievable!”

More Oz Lotto winning discoveries quickly followed when a Carrum Downs dad and a Wollongong retiree checked their tickets. They both revealed they’d be sharing their win with their families.

Kelso woman ‘destined’ for $1.54 million Lucky Lotteries win!

It was truly a week for jackpots prizes with the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot also going off. 

A Kelso woman took home the entire $1.54 million prize and revealed how a stranger in her local newsagency inspired her to purchase the winning ticket. 

“Gosh, it was so random. I was only in-store because I needed to buy a card and never would’ve bought that ticket if the lady in front of me hadn’t bought one,” she said. 

“This is unreal. It feels like destiny!”

She’s already planning some ways to spoil herself and said some happy holidays would be on the horizon. 

Inverell woman to pursue her lifelong dreams with $1 million Monday Lotto win

While relaxing holidays are the dream for many lottery winners, Inverell’s latest Lotto division one winner is looking forward to retiring so she can focus on some long-held passion projects.

We called the woman while she was at work on Tuesday morning to break the news she was now a millionaire. 

“Holy sh*t! You are kidding me?” she exclaimed.

“This is fantastic… I would love to finally write a book and spend more time focusing on my art. I could even look at doing more study, which I never really thought about.” 

Wonders never cease: Nine Telethon raises over $11 million for sick kids in Queensland

Not to miss out on a million-dollar week, our community partner, The Children’s Hospital Foundation, is celebrating a successful Nine Telethon which raised over $11 million for sick children in Queensland. 

We were proud to return as a broadcast partner for the seventh consecutive year and donate $1.6 million to help the Foundation continue its important work providing patient services, vital healthcare equipment, and world-class medical research.