Sweats, chills and winning thrills, this week we’ve heard from some stoked Aussies who’ve experienced the full spectrum of excitement that comes with the news of a lottery win. 

Check out our highlights:  

Albany Creek man rendered speechless by $200,000 Lucky Lotteries win

We often hear from winners who say their mind is racing a million miles an hour, but this week an Albany Creek man was so shocked by his Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot 1st Prize that his mind felt like it had completely stopped!  

“Wow! Sorry, my brain’s not working right now,” he laughed. 

“My wife is here with me; she’s in shock right now, too. This is amazing.” 

While the bewildered winner said he would need time to think about what he would do with his prize, he did share that he and his wife were currently travelling across Australia, so they’d no doubt find some fun things to do while on the road.

Lilydale family man breaks into a sweat over $1.7 million surprise 

While our Albany Creek winner felt completely numb, a Lilydale father was left feeling hot and cold all over after we confirmed his $1.7 million Saturday Lotto prize.

“Our lives have just insanely changed. I can’t get over it,” he exclaimed.  

“I’m sweating – I had to take my jacket off. It’s cold and I’m sweating! We don’t have a mortgage anymore!

“The first thing I thought, too, was I definitely want to help Mum out and make sure she’s set up.” 

Smooth sailing ahead for Moruya angler after $1 million win

And from family time to dropping a line — a long-time Moruya player who picked up a $1 million Monday and Wednesday Lotto win is looking forward to treating himself as well as his kids and grandkids. 

“I play regularly, and I’ve been replaying the same numbers for years. This does a lot for me at this point in time,” he said. 

“I’m a keen fisherman so this means a new boat for sure!  

“I’ve also got kids and grandkids so I’d like to share with them somewhere along the line."

We certainly hope he enjoys some smooth sailing once that million-dollar prize hits his bank account.  

And perhaps we’ll be delivering you some heart-racing winning news soon! Good luck.