We’re in the business of paying prizes and so it makes sense that there’s been a recent bevy of big lotteries winners. 

Check out this week’s winning highlights.

Gleeful Goulburn couple in shock after glorious $20 million Oz Lotto win

A Goulburn couple struggled to stem a stream of tears after discovering they’d won division one in our recent Oz Lotto draw. 

The pair confessed they’d dreamed of one day winning big but now that they had, they were at a loss as to what to do with their multi-million-dollar windfall. 

“I can’t wait to share it with my family. I’ll set everyone up and make sure they don’t have to worry about anything.”
Fourteen winning entries share $30 million Megadraw prize

It might be winter, but we’ve been feeling a warm glow this week as the newest Saturday Lotto winners discovered their Megadraw division one delight. 

Nine new multi-millionaires and five thrilled syndicates shared the $30 million division one prize pool, scoring a massive $2.1 million each.  

One winner from Tumby Bay in South Australia couldn’t wait to share his prize.  

“I’ll never forget this day! I’m going to share the prize with my wife and kids. There’s also a few organisations I support and I’d love to help them out a little bit more. Now I can.”

Hobart father to fix himself a cup of tea

A warm cup of tea is how a Hobart father plans to celebrate winning a refreshing $100,000 in a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw.

The winning man was oblivious to his win until he received an email from our team outlining that we’d been trying to get in contact with him about a win.  

When asked how he planned to spend his bounty, he admitted the win would help him pay of his mortgage.

“This will really take the pressure off and will give me a great boost.”

Cranbourne woman puppy-proofs winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket

A Cranbourne woman has had to hide the Instant Scratch-Its ticket holding a tasty $100,000 prize from her teething puppy in case he mistook it for a toy.

With $100,000 about to land into her bank account, the victorious Victorian said she couldn’t wait to park a new car in her garage.

“As much as I’d love to treat my puppy, I think he’s got enough treats and toys. I think it’s time to upgrade my car with a new one. It’s been a long time coming!” 

We can’t wait to speak with next week’s big winners!