It’s hard to believe that summer is over, and the cooler months of autumn are upon us. 
Although the seasons are changing, one thing that is certain is that there will always be wonderful winning news and stories at The Lott!  
The search is over: Mackay man comes forward to claim $50 million Powerball prize 

Last week’s $50 million Powerball draw certainly caused a buzz, but the excitement didn’t end on Thursday night! 

We were kept in suspense all weekend as we eagerly waited to find out who our mystery winner was.  

All was revealed on Monday morning when a Mackay man came forward to claim his prize.  

“I had the ticket in my wallet since I bought it,” the shocked man said. 
“I never thought I’d have to think about what to do with $50 million! 
“Owning my own home would probably be the craziest thing I’ve ever thought about doing with a lottery win.”  
After there were no division one winners in last night’s draw, Powerball is now at $20 million for next week!  

Campbelltown woman too distracted to work after discovering $3 million Saturday Lotto win 

A Campbelltown woman was also coming to terms with some winning news on Monday morning, after she scored a Saturday Lotto prize worth $3 million!  

“Oh my god! That’s amazing! I’d been hoping someone would call me to confirm the news!” she exclaimed. 
“I came into work this morning because I’m so busy. But I think I’m going to have to head home. 
“Who can concentrate at a time like this?” 

Tiwi retiree dusts off passport thanks to $1 million Monday & Wednesday Lotto win 

To round out our Monday of millionaires, a Tiwi retiree scored a $1 million Monday Lotto prize.  
When we broke the news to the winner, he confessed he had been completely oblivious to his good fortune. 
“I had no idea I had won anything. I’ve just turned on my phone and saw your missed calls,” he exclaimed.  
“I play every week. I always use the same numbers. They are the birthdays of myself, my wife and my children.” 
The Northern Territory player shared he was dreaming of the day he could jet off overseas.  
“Once the borders open up, we’ll head straight to Europe and make a big trip around,” he shared.  

UQ research could be just the shot for future vaccines  

For anyone else dreaming of going overseas, the rollout of the COVID vaccine in Australia is great news!

We were proud to contribute $1 million to accelerate the University of Queensland’s research into a vaccine in April last year.

While the vaccine didn’t progress to the next phase of development, the unique technology it used holds promise for the development of future vaccines for a range of other illnesses.  

We caught up with our partners at UQ this week who shared how the researchers' patented-clamp — which boosts a vaccine's ability to stimulate an immune response — has shown promise in trials targeting influenza, Ebola, and Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome. 

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