In January 2019, a Sydney nurse in her 40s became an overnight multi-millionaire, winning a recording-breaking $107 million Powerball prize.

Watch the videos about Australia’s biggest individual lottery winner here.

We’ve shared how the humble and hardworking mum has been enjoying her multi-million-dollar prize. And as she’s reflected on the past few years, she has handy hints for the next player who takes home a Powerball division one prize of such whopping proportions.

“My advice is, if it’s possible and you can stand it, wake up the next morning and go to work,” she said. 

“In the beginning, it’s important to go about your usual day-to-day life while you really think about things.

“It gives you normality, and it allows the news to slowly sink in.”

The down-to-earth mum in her 40s told us the most important thing any major lottery winner could do was get the right financial advice.  

“Run, don’t walk, to a really good financial advisor,” she explained. 

“It takes two weeks for the prize money to come through. I used those two weeks to engage a financial advisor who I really trusted.”

When it comes to sharing the life-changing news with your family and friends, she said you don’t need to rush to tell people.

“Take some time to think about who you might tell before you start sharing the news with your family and friends, and let the story get out of the headlines first. 

“If this news affects relationships in a negative way, then it’s probably time for that relationship to end anyway, and that’s just natural. 

“No one ever asked me for money, not one person. I told people it had been locked away.

“Honestly, everyone we told were in tears, genuine, happy tears!

“I don’t think one person didn’t have a little cry. Everyone was so overwhelmingly happy and excited for us!”