A retired woman from Bendigo received what she described as the best phone call of her life this morning when a Tatts official phoned to confirm she was now $6 million richer.
The overjoyed woman’s 12-game QuickPick was the only division one winning entry across Australia in last night’s Powerball draw, draw 1104 on Thursday 13 July 2017.
When a Tatts official called her first thing this morning to break the winning news, the elated woman answered immediately and admitted she had been waiting for the call.
“I was hoping you were going to ring me – just so I knew it wasn’t a dream!” the retiree exclaimed.
“It’s just unreal; I keep thinking to myself ‘did it really happen?’.
“I checked the numbers online last night and when I checked all of them off I couldn’t believe it!
“I woke up my hubby who was asleep in bed and said to him ‘there has been one Powerball winner and I think I am it!’.
“He didn’t believe me because he was still half asleep!”
The woman declared her husband did believe her now as he had already helped her plan how they will spend their $6 million

 “We will probably help our kids out and pay off the house, but we’ve always wanted to go to Canada in the winter to see the snow scenes – it just looks gorgeous!” the winner exclaimed.

“The hubby already has had it all spent in his mind and is planning on buying a boat. He and my son-in-law go fishing so now they’ll be able to puddle down the river and catch some cod.
“It will get him out from under my feet!”
The jubilant retiree also has plans to treat herself too.
“While he is off fishing I’m going to re-do my craft room and buy a heap more craft stuff!” she laughed.
The elated woman confirmed she was a regular player and bought her 12-game QuickPick entry every week from Eaglehawk Authorised Newsagency, 27-29 High Street, Eaglehawk 3556, where the winning entry was purchased.
Eaglehawk Authorised Newsagency owner Leo Trainor said he was thrilled to have sold another winning entry.
“We’ve sold three division one entries in the past six years, but this is the biggest jackpot we have sold!
“We are as excited as the lucky recipient that we’ve sold a winning entry and are so glad it has gone to a local member of our
“We have such a great community here in Eaglehawk and the win will be a great boost to the area.
“It goes to show that wins do happen and you just need to have a ticket to win!”
The six winning numbers in Powerball draw 1104 on Thursday 13 July 2017 were 28, 24, 30, 12, 9 and 1, while the all-important
Powerball number was 9.
Across Australia, there was only one division one winning entry in Powerball draw 1104.
Last financial year, 18 Powerball winning entries across the Lott’s jurisdictions won more than $273 million. During this time, the biggest individual division one Powerball prize was won by a syndicate of Queensland Government workers who took home $55 million.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 202 so far this calendar year, including 66 won by Tatts customers.