Up to one-in-four Aussie adults are expected to vie for Thursday’s $80 million Powerball jackpot – Australia’s biggest lottery prize of 2022 so far.

Should one person take home the mammoth prize, they’ll not only be Powerball’s second division one winner of the year but also share the title of Australia’s third biggest lottery winner ever!

We’ve crunched the data on the game’s big winners during the past five years so we could uncover the profile of a major Powerball winner ahead of this week’s draw.

Between 2017 and 2021, there were 76 Powerball division one wins across the country that collected more than $2.21 billion in prize money. 


People with the initial of D have won more than 10% of the Powerball division one wins during the past five years, followed by people with the initial of B (8.19%). However, there's been no success yet for the Quentins and Yvettes of the world, as there were no winners with names starting with Q, U, V, X and Y.  


Men had the best fortune in Powerball, taking home more than two-thirds of the individual division one wins during the past five years.


People in their 60s have won more than a quarter (26.1%) of Powerball prizes during the past five years, followed by people in their 50s (21.4%). People in their 20s, 30s and 40s have had an equal number of wins during this time (each with 11.9%).


Capricorns have enjoyed the most Powerball division one wins (15.3%), while Sagittarians, Pisceans, Aquarians and Virgos tie for second place, each with 12.8% of all wins.


New South Wales had the most division one winners (27), followed closely by Queensland (23) and Victoria (18). New South Wales also scored the most division one prize money (more than $812 million), with Queensland coming in second (more than $631 million) and Victoria taking out third place (more than $505 million).

As we inch closer to the draw on Thursday night, many Aussies will be dreaming about what they’d do with an extra $80 million in their bank account.

During the last $80 million Powerball draw in December last year, the peak of sales was at 4.43pm on the day of the draw when more than 6,000 entries were sold in a single minute. 

We’re expecting similar interest in this week’s massive draw, so we’re recommending players get in early to grab their tickets. We’re also encouraging players to register their entries to a player card or online account for a chance to receive a life-changing call on Thursday night.

While it’s fun to delve into the history books and see the trends among previous division one winners, the only thing that’s certain is Powerball is a game of chance that surprises and delights with every draw.

Only time will tell if this week’s $80 million Powerball prize is won. 

The $80 million Powerball draw, draw 1344 is on Thursday 17 February 2022.

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Data is based on individuals who won Powerball division one prizes between 2017 and 2021 in The Lott’s jurisdictions.