A Panania man’s life has turned completely upside down in the best way imaginable after he scanned his Powerball ticket at his local newsagency to discover he’s $8 million richer.

The South-Western Sydneysider held the only division one winning entry in Powerball draw 1374, drawn Thursday 15 September and took home a total division one prize of $8 million.

The winning entry was not registered to a player card, which means we had no way of notifying the ticketholder of his win and had to wait for him to check his ticket.

“I’m shocked, blown away,” he laughed when we confirmed his multi-million-dollar windfall last Friday.

“I went to scan my Powerball ticket at the self-scanner as I don’t usually wait in the queue.

“The self-scanner came up with a message that told me to go to the counter.

“I thought, ‘Hmm, that’s a bit strange’.

“I went up to the team member and the next thing I knew, they told me to go to a private room and to make a phone call to The Lott head office.

“I had absolutely no idea I’d won this prize. I don’t even know how to fathom it.

“Before speaking to you, I already called my dad to tell him – he’s frazzled too.

“I was about to go and have lunch, but now I don’t think I can eat anything. I’m too stunned!

“We’ll have to celebrate with a drink though!”

After recently becoming the region’s newest multi-millionaire, the car enthusiast said he’d use his prize to park his dream vintage vehicle in his new house.

“I love old cars, and I love fixing them!” he shared.

“I’ll look at purchasing a vintage car and upgrading the house.

“It’s fantastic.”

His winning entry was purchased at Panania Stationers & Papershop, 74 Anderson Avenue, Panania.

Panania Stationers & Papershop owner Kush Pindoria said he is overjoyed to see his local customer take out a division one prize.

“We’re still trying to comprehend selling a division one winning entry in Powerball. We couldn’t believe it when we first heard the winning news!” he said.

“Our customers are very happy for us, and they’re happy to see a local score this $8 million win.=

“This is the start to another winning streak for us. We’ve sold a few major lottery prizes over the last decade, and we can’t wait to sell more.

“Congratulations to the local man and we wish you all the very best with your prize!”