April Fool’s Day might have you on high alert for some harmless pranks, hijinks, and tomfoolery, but we’re clearing it up right now that last night’s Powerball results are no joke! 

Two winning entries came incredibly close to scoring the big one last night, ticking off seven winning numbers from the main draw barrel.  But as the name of the game suggests, to win the jackpot, everything hinges on that all-important Powerball number. 

Without it, these players are spending April 1 dreaming about what could have been. 

But hey, they each still picked up a very swish division two prize of $154,478.05. More than enough to turn any egg on their faces into a gourmet feast for the weekend! 

However, for anyone wanting to make sure they never miss out on that Powerball number, a PowerHit entry could be the best trick in the book.

What is a PowerHit?

A PowerHit is a special entry type that guarantees the winning Powerball number. 

It’s exclusive to Powerball and increases your chances of winning the division one prize. 

How does a PowerHit work?

The Powerball number is drawn from a barrel of balls numbered from 1 to 20. One PowerHit entry is equivalent to 20 standard games and covers all the possible Powerball numbers. 

What does a PowerHit cost?

PowerHit entries start from $24.30.

Is a PowerHit worth it?

Half of last year’s Powerball division one wins were scored by a PowerHit entry, but only you can decide if a PowerHit is right for you.

We’ve got 365 days until the next April Fool’s Day, but with a Powerball draw every Thursday night, we’ve got a funny feeling we’ll be seeing our next winner long before then!