A North Melbourne dad’s sixth lockdown has been interrupted in the best way imaginable, with the discovery of a mind-blowing $80 million Powerball win. 

The Victorian player held the only division one winning entry in last night’s Powerball draw 1317, drawn Thursday 12 August 2021. In addition to the $80 million prize, he also now shares the title of Victoria’s biggest individual lottery winner and Australia’s third-biggest lottery winner. 

The excited but sleep-deprived man, who had recently lost his job due to the pandemic, discovered his overwhelming prize late last night. 

“I am so excited. I checked my ticket late last night. I couldn’t sleep after that!” the middle-aged family man explained. 

“I lost my job during one of the many lockdowns here in Melbourne. 

“We had only just bought a home and didn’t see it coming.  

“I’ve been working as a cleaner ever since to make ends meet. 

“Like for so many people, these lockdowns have been really tough for our family. 
“But I’ve always said, you’ve just gotta keep trying. Now, look what’s happened! 

“It is absolutely unbelievable!” 

With a mind-blowing $80 million about to hit his bank account, the ecstatic Victorian said he wanted to make life better for his for his family and for anyone he could help. 

“I am certainly keen to pay off the mortgage and the other bills we have to begin with,” he explained. 

“We’re going to set our kids up for life. That will be an incredible thing to be able to do. 

“I am going to try and help everyone! 

“There’s so much we will be able to do with this prize. It will change so many people’s lives!” 

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his entry online.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1317 on Thursday 12 August 2021 were 17, 10, 4, 26, 19, 23 and 21. The all-important Powerball number was 7.