Aussies vying for Powerball's $60 million jackpot might be buoyed by data showing spring has historically delivered more division one wins and prizemoney than any other season.

During the past five years, spring has witnessed 25 Powerball division one wins collectively worth $564 million, followed by winter with 23 Powerball division one wins worth $487.34 million.

Autumn delivered 19 lifechanging wins worth $486 million over this time period, while summer had 17 wins worth $471.5 million.

This week’s Powerball draw, the last for this year’s spring season, offers the second-biggest lottery prize of any Australian lottery game in 2021.

Up to one-in-six adults are expected to have an entry into this week’s draw.

A multi-million-dollar Powerball prize is welcome at any time of the year, but historical data shows spring has proven to be a winning season for some Powerball players.

The spring of 2021 has been no exception as we’ve already had three Powerball division one winners scoring  more than $90.4 million. Who knows, this tally might grow before the end of the week.

Helping to bolster spring’s reputation is the fact we’ve seen the Powerball jackpot climb to some lofty heights during previous Septembers, Octobers and Novembers. For example, Australia’s biggest ever lottery jackpot of $150 million took place in September 2019.

So far this year, 13 Powerball division one wins have scored more than $470 million in prize money. These wins have been concentrated along the nation’s eastern seaboard, with seven in New South Wales, four in Queensland, and two in Victoria.
Interestingly, PowerHit entries had delivered seven of the 13 Powerball division one wins so far this year.

To win division one in Powerball, you need to match all seven winning numbers, drawn from a barrel of 35 numbers, and the all-important Powerball number, drawn from a barrel of 20 numbers.

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