There’s an out-of-this-world event happening on Thursday night with Powerball offering up a massive $80 million jackpot! 

It’s only the seventh time there’s been an $80 million jackpot in the game’s 24-year history and it’s the equal biggest prize we’ve seen up for grabs so far in 2020. 

We’re eagerly waiting to see if the country will have a newly-minted multi-millionaire by the end of the week! 

However, before this highly-anticipated $80 million draw takes place, you might be curious to discover the entry types and numbers that have helped previous Powerball winners take home the coveted prize. 

So far in 2020, five thrilled Aussies have scored a division one Powerball prize, collectively taking home more than $189.9 million in prize money.

We’ve got the inside break-down of where these wins landed and the entry types that led to their incredible Powerball windfalls! 

Australia’s winning Powerball states

2020 is turning out to be a winning year for Queensland Powerball players, with three of the five division one winners from this year hailing from the Sunshine State. Time will tell if that winning streak continues! 

Meanwhile, although New South Wales has only landed one Powerball jackpot win this year, it holds boasting rights as being home to Australia’s third-biggest individual lottery winner. In March, Powerball’s previous $80 million jackpot went to a humble Port Maquarie man who’d been affected by the bushfires earlier this year. 

Victoria has also scored one Powerball division one win this year, and we’ll be waiting to see if any thrilled Victorians make that tally grow on Thursday night.  

Of course, a win can land anywhere and perhaps we’ll see Powerball lightning strike in a different part of the country tomorrow night.  

Entry types that have won Powerball

Of the five Powerball division one wins so far this year, all but one were secured by QuickPick entries, where the lottery terminal randomly chose the numbers. 

Only one win has come from a marked entry, where the player marked a coupon with their favourite numbers
Interestingly, the Powerball division one winning entries so far in 2020 have been relatively small entries, with all consisting of 25 games or less! 

It goes to show, you don’t need a big entry, you just need an entry in your hand before the draw’s close for your chance to win.

With $80 million on the line, this is a draw you don’t want to miss!