We are standing by ready to crown our third Powerball division one winner for 2021 should one or more Aussies have the winning combination of numbers needed to win tonight’s $50 million jackpot.  

The $50 million prize is the biggest offer by any Australian lottery game in five months and we’re excited to see if it will be won this week, or climb higher for next week’s draw!   

So far this year, Powerball has only witnessed two division one winners – one from Queensland and another from New South Wales who each scored a $10 million prize from the same draw in January. 

Will a player match all seven winning numbers, plus the all-important Powerball needed to win division one? Only time will tell! 
If you’re not sure whether to pick your own numbers in a marked entry or let your numbers be completely random with a QuickPick, never fear! We’ve gone back and crunched the numbers to reveal what entries have previously scored a Powerball win.  

Last year, Powerball welcomed 14 Powerball division one winners across Australia who collectively scored more than $470.1 million in prize money. 

Of these 14 division one winning entries, the stats show only three were marked entries, while the rest were QuickPick entries. 
Two of last year’s 14 Powerball winners also had PowerHit entries, a type of entry unique to Powerball that guarantees the all-important Powerball number. 

But you don’t need to buy a big entry to win the big one. All but two of the 14 Powerball winning entries were 25-games or less!  

So regardless of what entry type you choose, and how big your entry is, as long as you have an entry in your hand before the draw’s close, you’re in with a chance to win!  

We recommend  you register your entry to a player card or online account. If your numbers are drawn, you’ll want to know you’re a multi-millionaire as soon as possible.  

By registering your entry, your prize is secure and we can contact you with the winning news shortly after the draw. 

Our team will be on standby ready to contact any registered division one winners in Powerball’s $50 million draw!  

Grab an entry today!