The future plans of one inner-city Sydney woman in her 20s have changed dramatically following the revelation she won the entire $60 million jackpot in tonight’s Powerball draw.

The New South Wales player held the only division one winning entry in Powerball draw 1270 on Thursday 17 September 2020. 

In addition to taking home the mind-blowing division one prize, the woman’s PowerHit entry also won division two 19 times, boosting her total prize to $60,683,656.95.

However, breaking the news to the winner this evening initially proved difficult as calls from lottery officials at first went to straight to message bank.  

When she did finally answer the phone, Australia’s newest multi-millionaire burst into tears of joy over the windfall.

“Are you joking?” she questioned. 

“Are you sure about this? Oh my god, this is insane. Thank you!

“I’m trying to compose myself.  I feel like this has to be some kind of joke.

“It’s my husband who usually buys the tickets. There’s no way he’s going to believe me. This is amazing!”

Surrounded by family members, the overwhelmed winner revealed she already had some thoughts about how to enjoy her prize.

“I’ve never thought about what I’d do with $60 million!” she admitted.

“We will be able to pay off all our debts, help our parents out and all our siblings. 

“We will be able to buy a house!

“Hopefully, when we can travel again, we will be able to take our whole family somewhere overseas. 

“This is very overwhelming. I’m shaking like a leaf! 

“This is crazy!” 

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning entry online at – Australia’s official lotteries.