Did you know that one of our most iconic species, the koala, was listed as endangered in NSW, QLD and the ACT in 2022?

To this day, they remain on that list.

With the ever-increasing challenges and threat of extinction facing not only koalas but many native Australian animals, Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service, known as “WIRES”, is continuing to rescue and care for sick, injured and orphaned animals, as they have done for over 37 years.

In celebration of World Wildlife Day, we’re donating $100,000 to WIRES to help them in their mission to protect our koalas and further funding to build a koala rehabilitation centre.

This dedicated facility will allow more sick, injured, and orphaned koalas to receive the best care and be safely returned to the wild. Campbeltown, south-west of Sydney, was chosen as the location of this new facility as the area contains the only growing population of koalas listed in NSW.

Due to commence building in mid-late 2024, the koala facility will also significantly reduce the distance and time the WIRES volunteers and ambulances take to get these koalas to the closest care.

WIRES Chief Operating Officer Kyla Shelley said the donation would help support their ongoing mission.

"Every donation makes a tangible difference in our efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and preserve Australian wildlife, and we are incredibly grateful for this generous contribution. With this support, WIRES can continue our vital mission of caring for sick, injured, and orphaned animals, including our iconic koalas, ensuring their survival and well-being for generations to come.”

The Lott by NSW Lotteries partnership manager Liz McPherson said supporting WIRES further and contributing to their mission for our national wildlife was exciting.

“There is nothing more iconic than seeing a koala out in its natural habitat, and it’s clear we need to do everything we can to protect these special and unique animals. Knowing that koalas are at threat of extinction, we are thrilled to support WIRES for another year,” she said.

“Their work is crucial, and we take pride in contributing to their mission of protecting koalas.”

Head here to find out more about WIRES and how you can support their work to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned Australian wildlife.