You can now expect to encounter more than just The Lott's familiar rainbow logo displayed outside newsagents across Australia with The Lott retailers given the opportunity to participate in ACON's Welcome Here project.

The Welcome Here Project is a nationwide initiative designed to encourage businesses and services to create environments that are visibly welcoming and inclusive for LGBTIQ communities.

Participating businesses can proudly display Welcome Here rainbow stickers in prominent locations to convey their commitment to welcoming and celebrating LGBTIQ diversity within their establishment.

From 2024, The Lott’s newsagents will have the opportunity to enrol in ACON's Welcome Here project and proudly display rainbow stickers on the exteriors of their stores. These stickers and a charter provided to newsagents clearly indicate and outline their support for LGBTIQ diversity.

Cassandra Nicholson, an ambassador and member of The Lott’s True Colours Pride Network, explained what the project symbolises for customers and retailers.

"I hope that customers will recognize that The Lott not only showcases our rainbow logo but also embodies the values of brightness, safety, and happiness. We are committed to changing lives, and acceptance of one's true self can make that possible," Cassandra said.

The Lott’s goal is to have the majority of the retail network involved in the Welcome Here project over the coming years.

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