The approaching new financial year could be the best one yet for any Aussie who unearths a division one winning lottery ticket among their receipts and paperwork this tax time. 

There are currently 18 unclaimed division one and major lottery prizes across our jurisdictions worth almost $20 million (see table below) including:

  • Nine in Queensland worth $6.4 million
  • Six in New South Wales worth $2.8 million
  • One in the ACT worth $4.8 million
  • One in Victoria worth $4.8 million
  • One in South Australia worth $1.05 million

Table 1:  Unclaimed major lottery prizes across The Lott's jurisdictions as at 16/06/2021

Draw no Win date* Selling outlet Outlet suburb State Division 1 prize
Set for Life 2072
8-Apr-21 Thistle Kiosk Woden ACT $4,800,000.00
Saturday Lotto 3905 22-Dec-18 Connection Newsagency Sydney NSW
Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot 1st
1235 28-Feb-18 Top End Newsagent Katoomba Katoomba NSW $200,000.00
Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot 1st
1278 15-Apr-19 Yagoona Newsagency Yagoona NSW $200,000.00
Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot 1st
1411 2-Aug-19 Governor Macquarie Drive
Chipping Norton NSW $200,000.00
Saturday Lotto
4147 17-Apr-21 Winston Hills Newsagency Winston Hills NSW $1,145,653.60
Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot 1st
10467 7-Jun-21 Anna Bay Newsagency & Post
Anna Bay NSW $100,000.00
Saturday Gold Lotto
3539 20-Jun-15 Nextra Morayfield Village Morayfield QLD $1,000,000.00
Monday Gold Lotto
3618 19-Dec-16 Cotton Tree News Maroochydore QLD $1,000,000.00
Saturday Gold Lotto
3699 31-Dec-16 Lutwyche News & Gifts Lutwyche QLD $1,347,826.09
Saturday Gold Lotto
3787 4-Nov-17 Nextra Capalaba Park News Capalaba QLD $369,059.13
Saturday Gold Lotto
3867 11-Aug-18 Golden Lucky News Helensvale QLD $671,513.12
Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot 1st
1249 15-Mar-19 Nextra Wynnum Plaza Wynnum West QLD $200,000.00
Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot 1st
10280 1-Apr-19 NewsExtra Springwood Mall Springwood QLD $100,000.00
Saturday Gold Lotto
3961 6-Jul-19 Gatton Plaza Newsagency Gatton QLD $774,838.34
Saturday Gold Lotto
3967 27-Jul-19 News Worx Victoria Point QLD $1,000,000.00
X Lotto
4069 18-Jul-20 newsXpress Naracoorte Naracoorte SA $1,053,905.78
Set for Life
1996 22-Jan-21 Echuca Square Lotto Echuca VIC $4,800,000.00

Since these winning tickets were not registered to a player card or online account, we have no way of identifying or contacting the mystery winners to unite them with their prize. 

From old shopping bags and fridge doors, to car gloveboxes and sock drawers, Australians have a history of storing winning lottery tickets in weird and wonderful places. 

We’ve had past division one winners come forward months and even years after the draw after finding an old ticket in the back of a drawer, in the central console of their car, and at the bottom of their handbag. 

With more than $20 million waiting to be united with their rightful winners, it’s worth checking any old lottery tickets you might come across!

You can check your tickets instore at your local outlet, online here or via The Lott app. 

The amount of time players have to claim their prizes varies from state to state. 

In Queensland, people have seven years, while in New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory it is six years.

In Victoria, people have six months to claim their prize directly from Tatts, after which it can be claimed from the Victorian State Revenue Office.

In South Australia, people have 12 months to claim their prize directly from SA Lotteries, after which it can be claimed from the Lotteries Commission of South Australia (Administration costs are associated with the processing of these claims).

The period to claim prizes directly from us is set to expire next month on two major prizes – the $4.8 million Set for Life prize from Echuca in Victoria, and the $1.05 million Saturday X Lotto prize from Naracoorte in South Australia.

What are you waiting for? It's time to start searching for missing tickets.