A Canberra mother of two has received a $15,000 surprise as part of a TODAY show segment, supported by The Lott, rewarding people for their Random Acts of Kindness.

Natashia Telfer is a stage 4 cancer survivor, a mother of two children, and the owner of three small businesses.

Her main business, ‘National Community Care’, was set up when her youngest sister was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease in 2019. 

The remarkable business operates the home ‘Alex’s House’ with round-the-clock care to people who have previously lived in either Canberra Hospital or an aged-care facility.

Thanks to her hard work over many years, the project successfully came to fruition in 2020. 

Each resident of the home has their own bedroom, bathroom, and courtyard tailored to their needs and interests - with the quality of life being Natashia’s uttermost priority. 

According to her friends and family, Natashia has given up her dreams of owning a family home to assist the community, placing others before herself. 

Besides running her main business, Natashia created an Instagram page called ‘@kindness.and.courage.co’ to brighten the moods of families across New South Wales and Victoria during the COVID pandemic.

‘Sunshine Boxes’ filled with quotes, confectionary and other goodies were created free of charge and shipped to 200 families after she made a call out on Facebook. 

A podcast named ‘Kindness and Courage’ is also run by Natashia on Spotify - discussing empowerment to lift the spirits of her listeners.

Her acts of kindness have certainly not gone unnoticed. We spoke to Natashia after the segment.

“I’m shocked! It feels like I’ve won the lottery itself,” she exclaimed.

“National Community Care is a first for Canberra. These residents have previously lived in Canberra Hospital for so long. There’s many disabilities houses, but none tailored for them.

“I just love that we can make the world a better place. These people are unheard. They don’t have voices. We can help them be heard and feel supported.

“We can fight the fight for them!

After putting so much into helping others, Natasha said the surprise $15,000 would help her finally set up her family home.

“The money will go towards a house deposit. We never owned our own home and it’s something we’ve always tried to save up to do.

“I had cancer at a young age, which meant I had to go through IVF. In my 20s, it felt like all my friends were putting down house deposits, but all my money was going on IVF. We put babies before having anything of our own.

“Every year with our business, reinvested the money back into the business to help others. We always put others before ourselves.

“In fact, as soon as I walked through the door after the TODAY show segment, my husband said to me, ‘who else can we help now?’

“During the COVID pandemic, I was trying to start up a side hustle and a podcast. I was going to start a subscription box for mental health.

“I started to collect boxes for launch and was planning to run giveaways to get people interested. 

“But, I thought to myself, ‘when half of Australia is in lockdown and quarantine or losing their jobs’, I can’t do this now. 

“So, I decided to repurpose the boxes. I went onto a few Facebook groups, such as the ‘’Canberra notice board and ‘Business Chicks’ and did a massive call out.

“I just want to continue paying it forward!

“I can’t thank you enough. This is going to take a few days to process.”

Catch the heart-warming segment below!