Today we celebrate World Kindness Day, a day that aims to celebrate good deeds in the community, inspire acts of friendliness, generosity and consideration, and focus the power of positivity.

It’s those simple acts of kindness the founder of Kindness Factory, Kath Koschel, experienced first-hand when she was going through one of the hardest periods of her life – after recovering from her first broken back and learning to walk again, Kath lost her fiancé unexpectedly, she then was struck down by a drunk driver, leading to her second broken back and again, teaching herself to walk again -that lead Kath to start what is now an international not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to promoting the simple act of kindness to all.

And today, on what is their seventh World Kindness Day, and seventh birthday, the Kindness Factory has had over 6.5 million acts of kindness logged through their kindness campaign, #onesmallact with their new target being seven million, of course!

The Lott is today, lodging our act, for the third year in a row, with a $50,000 donation to assist the Kindness Factory on their mission to inspire everyone to be kind.

The organisation is committed to making the world a better and kinder place, and does this by funding valuable research, delivering practical, evidence-based education programs, and delivering positive mental health strategies through their Kindness Curriculum, which is being used by more than 3,500 schools across Australia, the USA, and UK.

The Lott Partnerships Manager Liz McPherson said she was pleased to continue the relationship with such an important organisation.

“Some people may not realise there is a science behind kindness, and it’s this science that forms the very foundation of what the team at Kindness Factory do. 

“A smile can go a long way and can change someone's day in an instant. Being able to make this donation to help Kindness Factory continue its efforts in bringing more smiles to our community, brings a smile to our faces.”

Founder and recent author of her own book, Kindness by Kath Koschel, Kath said this donation will allow them to continue their mission of making the work a kinder place.

“This donation will allow us to engage expertise to develop new Kindness Curriculum lessons and resources and transform the pedagogy and curriculum with respect to indigenous and multi-cultural communities” CEO Kath Koschel said.

“It will also contribute to some exciting research we are in the planning process for which will look at the effect of the Kindness Curriculum in advancing social-emotional wellbeing and prosocial behaviour within primary school environments”

Get involved with World Kindness Day today by logging your #onesmallact of kindness here.

To learn more about the Kindness Factory and the Kindness Curriculum or to donate, here.