Appointments, tests, waiting, wondering; life for a child living with a serious illness too often becomes ruled by the clinical monotony of long hospital stays.   

But across Queensland, the Children’s Hospital Foundation is working wonders for sick kids.   

Thanks to the Foundation, hospital visits can also mean bedside games and entertainment, the chance for craft and fun in Kidzone, music and pet therapy, and Bravery Beads to acknowledge the strength and courage in the face of treatments and procedures.  

By making hospital a less frightening and lonely place, and ensuring support is available for the whole family when it’s needed most, the Foundation provides the best possible care and the chance for every child to have a brighter future.  

 The Children’s Hospital Foundation also works to improve the future health and wellbeing of all Australian children by investing in vital medical research.  

In 2017, it launched the Children’s Brain Cancer Centre — an Australian-first initiative solely dedicated to tackling the country’s most deadly childhood disease.   

The Lott by Golden Casket and the Children’s Hospital Foundation share a long-standing partnership, which has helped to fund these important health services, equipment, and research.   

Each year we contribute more than $1 million to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.   

A lot of Australians don’t realise that when they play Australia’s Official Lotteries they’re contributing to important things like a brighter future for sick kids. And that’s a Lott more to play for.