We kicked off the new financial year with a donation to the Children’s Cancer Institute’s Zero Childhood Cancer Program. 

The world-leading program is offering Australia’s first-ever personalised medicine program for children with high-risk or relapsed cancer, and the results so far have been incredibly promising for sick children and their families.  

Children who are enrolled in the program have a sample of their cancer analysed to discover the genetic and biological makeup of the tumour. From here, a treatment plan is designed that specially targets those unique cancer cells.  

The $600,000 donation will go towards further enhancing the research capabilities of this revolutionary program to give every Australian child with cancer the very best chance of survival.  

This month we also launched our latest campaign – A Lott More to Play For. 

The campaign highlights some of our amazing community partners and the difference they make. Giving back to communities is at the heart of Australian lotteries; it’s why lotteries began, and we couldn’t be happier to showcase our partners in a national campaign. 

You can check out the campaign here.