It’s the day that captures the nation – Day for Daniel.

Today, Friday 27 October, is the Daniel Morcombe Foundation’s 19th Walk for Daniel, which launches the Foundation's largest child safety education and awareness day, Day for Daniel.

The 4km Sunshine Coast walk symbolises the journey that 13-year-old Daniel Morcombe never got to complete.

This morning, a sea of red swept the Sunshine Coast suburb of Palmwoods as a record number of participants took part in Walk for Daniel. Amongst the walkers were Bruce and Denise Morcombe, parents of Daniel who was abducted from a Sunshine Coast bus stop and murdered in 2003.

After establishing the Daniel Morcombe Foundation in 2005 in honour of their son, the Morcombes have worked tirelessly to help keep Australian kids safe and provide essential education, protection and support.

Day for Daniel is Australia’s largest child safety education and awareness day, which will reach millions of young Australians.  This year, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation exceeded its expectations with over 7,000 schools and early learning centers registered for the day.

The Lott by Golden Casket team was proud to be able to join the record-breaking day and announce for the fifth year in a row, a donation of $300,000 from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money. This takes the total donations to the Foundation to $1.5 million.

The donation will help the Foundation to continue to grow awareness of child safety through key events, such as the Day for Daniel.

The Lott Partnerships Manager Liz McPherson is hoping this $300,000 donation will allow the Foundation to continue to break records.

“Walking the walk today amongst children, mums, dads, teachers and members of the community really highlights Bruce and Denise’s mission to keep Aussie kids safe. As these records continue to break year on year, you can see the positive difference they continue to make,” she said.

“Following Day for Daniel last year, there were over 500 disclosures of harm made, which is hard to hear but showcases the importance of the work the Foundation is doing and the impact that funding is having in supporting their mission.”

Catching Bruce and Denise at the end of an emotional morning, the co-founders shared they would continue their commitment to making Australian communities a safer place for children.

“Partnerships like this provide the heartbeat that enables us to continue our valuable community work,” Bruce shared. “The generosity of The Lott is enormous. Nothing is more highly valued than growing Daniel’s legacy. Every cent is channelled back into keeping children safe,” Denise added.

To learn more about the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and how you can support their work, head to