Sure, falling in love is nice. But in our experience, nothing sweeps someone off their feet and makes their heart skip a beat like the news of a major lottery win! 

From marriage proposals, declarations of love, fluttering hearts, and nervous laughs — when we call winners to confirm their life-changing prize, we’ve had plenty of moments where they’ve expressed their affection in the heat of the moment. 

It’s very adorable, but we do make sure to gently calm their passions. After all, with people all around the country dreaming of a lottery win, we need to share the love around.

Nevertheless, these special winning reactions melt our hearts and have us feeling sentimental this Valentine’s Day.

1. Mount Cotton dad smitten by $1.5 million win

When a Mount Cotton retiree discovered he’d won over $1.5 million in Saturday Gold Lotto, he was eager to seal the win with a kiss. Thankfully, he ended up celebrating with his wife but not before showering us with some love:

“I could kiss you! I’m looking at it here on my app. I cannot believe what I’m seeing.” 
2. Port Macquarie winner’s sweet surprise

A Port Macquarie man had the best end to his working week, scoring a $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize. The surprise win had him feeling all the emotions:

“You are kidding me! I love you to death! Mate, I have been waiting for this day.”
3. $20 million Oz Lotto jackpot spikes Adelaide man’s heartbeat  

Shaking hands, the physical rush; is it love at first sight or did a Findon man just become a multi-millionaire:

“I felt like I could see my heart beating... Am I dreaming? What’s happening to me?”
4. Campbelltown winner’s spontaneous crush 

Shakespeare might have compared his beloved to a summer’s day, but when you’ve just won $2 million, there’s no time for poetry and it’s best to get straight to the point:

“Oh my f*&^ing god! I love you! Do you want to marry me?” 
5. Puppy love for Cardiff Lucky Lotteries winner 

Another marriage proposal, aren’t we lucky! A Cardiff man went head over heels when he won a $100,000 Lucky Lotteries prize. Although the real winner here was his dog, who was going to get some fancier treats to celebrate:

“Now that I know it’s true, I want to kiss you! Actually, I want to marry you!
“Perhaps I’ll celebrate with my dog, and he can have some fancier treats tonight!”

Thanks to all our winners for the sweet memories.

We hope we can take your breath away with the news of a major lottery win soon!