‘Pinch me’ moments, triumphant trios and another Oz Lotto multi-millionaire. We were just as surprised as our winners at how this week’s lottery prizes played out!

Inner Sydney man eyes $3 million Oz Lotto prize

After a Sunshine Coast man scored a huge $50 million just last week, we thought we might be in for a quieter Tuesday night. Instead, Oz Lotto stunned us all, delivering yet another jackpot prize and adding a Sydney player to this year’s winning roll call.

“I can’t believe it! I was the only division one winner?!” the shocked man said.

“I’ve been having sort of ESP visions – so I kept using my little wins to buy the next ticket.

“I’ve always told myself, if I win the lottery, I have my children at the top of my list.  This will be an enormous help to my family.”

North Ryde woman savours Lucky Lotteries prize

Just a hop and a skip away from our Sydney Oz Lotto winner, Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot was having some fun of its own and stunned a long-time player with a 1st Prize of $100,000.

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” the winning woman exclaimed.

“Fantastic! I’ve been playing Lucky Lotteries for about 30 years!

“I initially thought when you were calling me that it was someone from private health insurance trying to get me to compare my policy, but this is much better. This is really great!”

Melbourne players sweep TattsLotto wins

Further south, it was a triple treat for Victoria where three of the six division one winning entries in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw were scooped by Melbourne players. Each division one winning entry scored more than $862,000.

“Woohoo! You’ve got the best job in the world,” one winning Melbourne woman said when we confirmed her win.

“I’ll pay off my mortgage and then I’ll work out how to divide it among my family. It’s going to put a smile on lots of people’s faces!”

Sibling trio celebrate Saturday Lotto windfall

While our three Melbourne winners revelled in their win, we were thrilled to have another trio, this time from Lugarno in Sydney, claim their Lotto loot.

“It’s a family ticket with my siblings so we’ll be splitting it three ways,” explained the leader of the private syndicate.

“I was looking at the ticket and I knew we had a few numbers, but I had no idea we’d won division one!

“I even saw a Facebook post looking for a winner in our area, but it still hadn’t clicked. Finally, when I checked it at the newsagency, I realised the incredible news.”

We can’t wait to see what surprises next week holds. Have a winning week!