Records were broken, dreams have come true, and we’re ending a historic week for Australian lotteries on a high!  

Catch up on the winning highlights:  

Triple treat! Three division one winning entries share $160 million Powerball jackpot 

Australia’s biggest lottery jackpot has been shared by three division one winning entries, with the record-breaking $160 million prize split among entries from New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.   

Each of the three division one winning entries scored $53,333,333.34. 

Straight after the draw, we reached out to the Victorian winner — a Clyde blue-collar worker who struggled to hold back tears as we confirmed his multi-million-dollar win.  

“Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Far out! I’m absolutely speechless," he said. 

“My family is set! My grandson wanted a dog for Christmas and I was trying to organise it for him. He can have all the dogs in the world now! 

“I’m done with work! I’m out of here, mate. Retirement is calling.”  

A Penrith dad has since come forward to claim the winning entry from New South Wales. 

“Oh my god, my family’s life just changed in a second," he said. 

Make sure to check your tickets to see if you had a win!  

Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot’s biggest ever prize won by Anna Bay woman 

The cat’s out of the bag! Not to miss out on the jackpot fun, this week the un-purr-lievable $33 million Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize was won by a mum from Anna Bay, making her the biggest-ever Super Jackpot winner.  

“I’m going to cry. Are you telling me, I’ve won $33 million?! I’ve got the tingles!” she said. 

“I can say goodbye to renting, and hello to a house in my name! 

“This is life-changing!” 

Rapid change of retirement plans for Riverina man 

A Riverina man is preparing to live life at 100 miles an hour after discovering he’d won more than $1 million in Monday & Wednesday Lotto. 

“Good thing I got some sleep yesterday afternoon because I struggled to sleep a wink last night.” the winning man said. 

“These are special numbers that I’ve played all my life, but I never expected that I’d be a division one winner. 

“My retirement plans immediately changed. I’m going to have the time of my life, live it up and really enjoy myself.” 

Surprising win for Melbourne family 

A Melbourne family initially thought they were one number off winning the TattsLotto division one prize in the weekend’s draw until they checked their ticket for a second time. 

“I went to manually check the winning numbers on Sunday morning and I completely missed number 21. I thought we were one number off winning division one!” the woman explained. 

“I said to myself, ‘Oh, I’m sure we had number 21!’. I looked up The Lott website and I entered my ticket number, and it came up that we’ve won division one. I couldn’t believe it. 

“The ticket is shared amongst our family, and our adult children are stoked. We hope to come together and celebrate sometime soon!” 

If we didn’t call you this week, don’t worry, this weekend gives you more chances to win! Saturday Lotto has a spooktacular $20 million Superdraw, just in time to score a Halloween treat.  

Have a winning week!