A common side effect of discovering a division one win is a sleepless night. This week was no different with many winners saying the thrill of a big win wouldn’t let them sleep a peep! 

Check out the winning highlights below! 

Winning Carrum Downs man left open-eyed 

A Carrum Downs man had a sleepless night thinking about the endless possibilities his $1.4 million Tattslotto win brings!  

The victorious Victorian was one of the four division one winning entries in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. 

“I haven’t really slept. I’m just too excited,” he laughed. 

“I couldn’t stop shaking! It’s something you dream of but never think will happen. 

“I can’t believe it. It’s just beautiful!” 

Stunned and sleepless Hay woman scores Lotto prize 

Faring slightly better than our Carrum Downs winner, a Hay woman at least managed to get two hours of sleep after also discovering her $1.4 million Saturday Lotto win.  

“It’s mind-boggling!” she giggled. 

“It’s a lovely feeling to have finally won division one. I’ve played Saturday Lotto sporadically for many years. 

“I’m going to help my children big time. I’ve spoken to one of them already and said, ‘You and I will share it together!’”  

Retirement on the cards for Set for Life winner! 

A Sailors Falls man is set to have the sweetest of dreams for decades to come - thanks to his Set for Life win of $20,000 a month for 20 years!  

He couldn’t wait to finish his workday to confirm his winning news.  

“I’d already started work for the day when you called this morning, so I couldn’t speak until now!” he said. 

“I was going a bit crazy thinking about it! 

“I’ll probably buy a house, retire earlier than expected, and travel around Australia.” 

Rockhampton man’s scores stimulating instant win  

A Rockhampton’s man spur of the moment decision to buy an Instant Scratch-Its ticket has led him to an incredible top prize win of $100,000!  

“Man, I’m over the moon!” the winning man cheered. 

“I had won a smaller prize and the lady at the counter asked if I wanted cash or to reinvest. 

“I decided I’d have another go and asked for two Instant Scratch-Its tickets that were together.” 

The man couldn’t believe his eyes when he scratched the top prize and can’t way to spend his instant bounty on a lush holiday. 

That’s all for this week. Happy playing!