From simple celebrations like enjoying an ice block, to celebrating in style by upgrading their wedding plans, our winners this week have shared the big and small ways they would celebrate their wins. 

Check out the highlights below: 

Ballarat man celebrates his super $1.7 million TattsLotto win with a Zooper Dooper 

It was all about the small celebrations for a Ballarat man who couldn’t wait to cool off with a Zooper Dooper after news of his TattsLotto win had him feeling all hot. 

After missing several calls from us, the blue-collar worker was completely shocked when he learnt of the $1.7 million windfall coming his way. 

With his prize set to hit his account just days before Christmas, the winner had a few things on his wish list. 

“I’ll definitely prioritise helping my family. I’m all about giving and sharing around,” he said. 

“I can pay off the house mortgage, which is a bonus!” 

Innisfail man’s wedding plans accelerated 

An Innisfail man can look forward to accelerating his wedding plans in the new year thanks to his $100,000 lottery loot.  

The Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot winner had one of the best reactions we heard all week.  

“F*** this is amazing! Oh my god! This is beautiful,” he exclaimed. 

With his nuptials fast approaching, the North Queenslander said he can’t wait to celebrate in a big way. 

“It’s going towards my wedding; my fiancé will help me spend it! 

“We’ll celebrate next year when we tie the knot.” 

What a wakeup call! Melbourne man scores $30 million jackpot 

It may not have been a big celebration, but a South Melbourne man had a pretty big wakeup call on Wednesday morning. 

Our latest Oz Lotto multi-millionaire was still asleep when we called to confirm his $30 million win.  

“I’m going to cry. Thank you so much,” he said in his sleepy state. 

Although he had just woken up, the winning man knew exactly what he’d do with his bounty. 

“You know what, I’ve always said if I won something like this, I’d look after my parents first, and then just try and be smart with it.” 

Would you opt for a big or small celebration if you won a major lottery prize? Maybe next week we’ll find out. Good luck everyone!