From gobsmacked grandparents to spine-tingling shivers, this week has been filled with some memorable winning moments!  

The winning reactions this week have been extraordinary so check out our favourites below: 

Gobsmacked grandparents 

A pair of Mackay grandparents have been left in shock after they bagged over $929,000 in Saturday Lotto.  

“Oh, my goodness! I’m shaking like a leaf!” the winning woman exclaimed when confirming her win with us. 

“I can’t even process what this means for us right now. I’m just absolutely gobsmacked. Is this even real? 

“My mind is racing, but I already know that we’ll put this win to good use and share it with our children and grandchildren.”   

Tears of joy for Launceston couple 

A Launceston couple were crying tears of joy thanks to their division one win in Saturday Lotto, where they scored over $929,000! 

“I was just on the computer checking our ticket. I put the ticket number in and initially I thought, ‘Oh, we won $929! Oh, that’s all right!’, but then I kept reading the numbers,” the winning man laughed. 

“This has come at a really good time. We’ve got some things we’ve always wanted to do, and this will help with a future nest egg for retirement. 

“We’ve been keeping the ticket in the sock drawer to keep it safe. It’s just unbelievable!” 

Shivers down Lake Macquarie man’s spine 

A Lake Macquarie man couldn’t believe it when we called him about his $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot windfall!  

“One hundred thousand dollars?! You’re sending shivers down my spine!” he said. 

“I regularly purchase tickets into Lucky Lotteries draws, so it’s great to have finally scored big. 

“I want to tell everyone, but absolutely no one at the same time! Perhaps I’ll celebrate with my dog, and he can have some fancier treats tonight!”  
Engadine man’s lottery loot 

An Engadine man was also delighted to discover he’d won $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot.  

“Shocked, I’m shocked!” the winning man cheered when confirming his win with us. 

“This is crazy! I checked my ticket on the computer after receiving an email notifying me that I had a win. 

“Thank you for the good news.” 

We can’t wait to hear more winning reactions soon! Have a winning week.