The food’s all been eaten, the stockings have been emptied and there might be nothing left under the tree. But for some thrilled Aussie lottery players, the celebrations have continued!  

Powerball lightning strikes for three winners who share $100 million jackpot 

Powerball had a climactic end to 2022. In the last draw of the year, three Australian lottery players shared the $100 million jackpot, becoming newly minted multi-millionaires just in time for 2023. 

A woman from Durack in Queensland was quick to discover her win straight after the draw.  

“I just jumped to the roof and screamed! The kids thought a cockroach was in the kitchen,” she said.  

“This will definitely change our lives. This will not only help my family, but also help us move forward with a better life.” 

We also broke the news to a dad from Burwood in Sydney, that he’d scored a $33.33 million prize.  

“Are you f***ing kidding me!? Jesus Christ!” he exclaimed.  

“This has completely changed my family's life in the space of five minutes! I don’t even know where to begin! 

“We’ve just won the lottery!”  

The third division one winning entry went to a Canterbury dad who was so excited to discover he’d won $33.33 million that he couldn’t move and had to text his wife in the other room to let her know their winning news!

Saturday Lotto surprises on Christmas Day 

Across the country, Saturday Lotto’s Christmas Eve draw delivered seven division one wins. Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria each had two winning entries, while Western Australia had one. 

We can just imagine the surprise of waking up on Christmas day to a prize worth more than $800,000. One Toowoomba retiree discovered her division one delight just after Christmas lunch.  

“Christmas Eve we’d been busy, and then we had lunch on Christmas Day. It was only in the afternoon that I looked at my emails and saw a message saying I’d won something,” she said. 

“When I checked it, I thought, ‘oh my god!”. When it said I’d won more than $823,000, I nearly slipped over. 

“With this prize, I want to get a new car and a new fridge. They both need an upgrade. I also want to help my family.” 
Boxing Day bounty for Melbourne man 

A Melbourne man also unwrapped a division one Lotto windfall. He was holidaying with friends and family when he checked his ticket on Boxing Day.  

“The blood immediately drained from my face when I checked my ticket. My family thought the Christmas ham had gone off!” he laughed when confirming his win with us. 

“Any time is good to win the lottery, but to do it over Christmas is amazing. 

“What a way to end the year!” 

Christmas gift turns into $10,000 win 

They say the best things come in small packages and that was certainly the case for a South Australian couple from Whyalla Norrie who scratched the top prize on a $1 Christmas Gift Instant Scratch-Its ticket.  

“We were gifted a whole bunch of Instant Scratch-Its tickets for Christmas and loved scratching away at them on Christmas Day!” the winning woman said. 

“There were a few free ticket wins in there, so when we got a chance, we headed into an outlet and grabbed a few more. 

“Low and behold, one of those free tickets turned into $10,000! 

“It couldn’t have come at a better time. My car needs some extensive work done on it, but it’s also going to allow us to have a nice holiday!” 

The countdown is now on for 2023, and don’t forget there’s one last chance to end 2022 with a bang with Lotto’s $40 Million New Year’s Eve Megadraw.

In the meantime, we wish you a safe, happy, and winning New Year.