Just like a successful night of trick-or-treating on Halloween, we’ve had some winners who have picked up more than just a sweet treat this week.

Check out our highlights below:

Shocked and shaken Saturday Lotto winner

A Rosewood woman was left in complete and utter shock when the occasional player scored $1.3 million in the Saturday Lotto draw. 

“I rarely ever buy a ticket! Maybe five times a year do I decide to take a chance. I only bought this entry because I was rushing around to buy a family member a birthday card and thought, ‘why not?’. Honestly, this is life-changing,” the winning woman told us.

“We called my kids last night to tell them and they still think I’m lying.

“What I’d love to do is take them all out for an amazing meal and hand them cheques and just say, ‘off you go’.”

Birthday celebrations off to an awesome start 

A Fairlight man is celebrating his birthday early this year after bagging a $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize! 

“I’ve already decided I’m going to pass it on to the next generation – my children. It’ll help them immensely,” he said. 

“I told them about it, and they are over the moon!

 “Oh, and it’s almost my birthday so I might do something to celebrate! What a great present. It’s come just in time.”

Winner set to pay her prize forward

A Dee Why mum had the best morning imaginable when she discovered her $1 million Monday & Wednesday Lotto win. 

“Oh my god! I purchase tickets into the draw occasionally, maybe every couple of weeks because you never know what could happen!” the winning woman told us. 

“It’s boring, but I’ll look forward to paying off some bills like many others.

“We will go on a holiday, and I’ll put some money away for the kids.”
Two Powerball entries share $40 million prize!

Two entries shared the $40 million jackpot prize in Powerball last night. One entry was scored by a syndicate of twenty Victorians and we’re still eagerly awaiting to hear from the other mystery winner. While we will be in contact with all registered winners, make sure to check your entries to see if you scored a win! 

Could we be delighting you with some sweet news soon?