March madness is off to a flying start and so are our winners! We’ve heard from lots of Aussies this week who all have their unique way of playing— whether it’s using special family lottery numbers or daring to dream decades.  

Check out some awesome winning reactions below: 

Dedication pays off with $1.3 million loot 

A Doreen couple took home a superb $1.3 million win in a recent Saturday Lotto draw. The couple told us that they’d been playing for over three decades. Now, that is dedication!  

“I rushed to the local newsagency, and the team member gave me the winning numbers. When I saw what the winning numbers were, I yelled out, ‘Holy crap!’,” the winning man cheered. 

“I’ve been playing the same lottery numbers since I was 18, and now I’m in my 40s! 

“Funnily enough, when I bought the ticket, I told the team member at Laurimar News & Lotto ‘to give me the winning one!’ and she certainly delivered.”   

Special lottery numbers lead to win 

A Cannonvale woman is convinced she manifested her $127,000 Super 66 windfall! The winner told us that she used her family’s lucky numbers which lead to her win.  

“I told my family last week that I was going to try Super 66 and to put into the world thoughts about winning so we might be able to buy our first home,” she told us. 

“Lo and behold, it seemed to work and we’re going to be able to find our family home after all! 

“This will change our lives, it’s absolutely amazing.” 
Cambelltown man a ball of emotions 

A Campbelltown man was in a state of shock when he discovered his windfall. The winner scored $1 million thanks to Monday and Wednesday Lotto! 

“Surely it couldn’t be me who has won?!” the winning man said.  

“Believe me, if I was 35 years younger I’d be naked and dancing in the streets! I’m so excited now, I can barely contain it. 

“I think the right thing to do is donate to charity and set my family up for their futures.”  

School drop-off leads to $20 million Oz Lotto call 

A Cairnlea couple started their Wednesday having no idea that they’d become newly made multi-millionaires! The winning pair scored Oz Lotto’s division one prize worth $20 million.  

“I was doing a school drop-off this morning when you initially called. I had no idea we’d won $20 million!” the winning man told us.  

“I put an entry on for Oz Lotto, Powerball and TattsLotto every week. We’re glad we persisted. 

“We can’t comprehend the win yet, so it’s hard to know what we will do! There is no doubt it will go to something great.”  

We can’t wait to crown more winners soon. Have a winning week!