Do you usually opt for a QuickPick or a marked Entry? This week one of our winners marked his entry but instead of using special birth dates or numbers, he brainstormed his way to winning!  

Check out our highlights below:  

Brainstorm leads to $1.2 million win 

A Townsville man who spent half an hour deliberating over his winning numbers ended up scoring a $1.2 million Saturday Lotto win.  

“I use different marked numbers for each game, and you know what my strategy is? Each week, I sit down and have a thinking session for 30 minutes, brainstorming which numbers to choose. I’ve done that for years,” the winning man told us.  

“This is wonderful. My sons and daughters will be pleased to know I’ll be splitting it with them. 

“I can’t forget the grandchildren either! One’s been wanting a new phone.” 

Daylesford woman bags entire $60 million prize!  

A generous Daylesford woman scored the entire Powerball prize this week taking home an incredible $60 million!  

“I’m in a bit of shock at the moment. Oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening,” she told us.  

“I’m just looking at these numbers and they all mean something. They’re all special to me. Those numbers are family and friends' birthdays that I always play. 

“I think a lot of charities might benefit – especially those that help disadvantaged children. This prize will help a lot of people out. It’s my main goal.”  
Lotto loot leaves Victorian woman lost for words 

A St Albans Park woman has had the surprise of a lifetime that left her completely speechless! The winning woman pocketed $1 million thanks to her Monday & Wednesday Lotto win.  

“I’m speechless, I don’t know what to say. When I saw the call, I thought ‘that’s a scammer’,” she said.  

“I only ever do the minimum number of entries which is four games. For the first line, I use birthday numbers, then I choose random for the rest. 

“I get so worried about the cost of living, and this just feels like it’s taken a weight off my shoulders. You don’t know how much this means to me.”  

Ring ring! New phone on the cards for Fraser Coast man 

A Fraser Coast man is looking forward to upgrading his ‘ancient’ phone after scoring an $81,000 Super 66 win!  

“I usually check my Saturday tickets on a Sunday morning. So, I only checked this about an hour ago,” the winning man said.  

“It took my breath away and everything! 

“In fact, the mobile phone I’m talking to you on belongs in a museum. My family jokingly asks who empties the coins out of the phone as it’s that old.  

“Just yesterday, I was looking at buying an iPhone 15 Pro… and now I will!” 

Do you think you’ll change up the numbers you play? Good luck everyone!