If you think all lottery wins mean fast cars and luxury mansions, think again. This week’s winners have a few quirky plans for their lottery prizes. 

Catch up on the highlights below:   

Lakes Entrance woman free as a bird  

When we called a Victorian woman to break the news that she’d scored a $1.4 million prize, she immediately started parroting a conversation she’d had with her pet cockatiel.  

“Earlier in the week, I told my late brother’s pet bird that if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t have to re-home it at the bird sanctuary. I was contemplating if I could look after it due to my living situation,” she recounted. 

“The bird must’ve had a wake-up call and decided he wanted to still live with me! 

“I can’t believe it; I’m going to own my very own home! It’s going to be in my name!” she cheered. 

A cosy new home for herself and her beloved pet definitely sounds like the perfect plan for a million-dollar prize.  

Salisbury woman splashes out for water system 

A Salisbury woman also took us by surprise with her unique winning plans, after she picked up a fresh $100,000 in a Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw. 

“This is definitely the most I’ve ever won in my lifetime!" she said. 

“This sounds so corny, but we live on an acre property and we’re on septic water. We’ve always said, if we won a major lottery prize, we would change to a main water system.”

“We will use this prize to do exactly that! Who knows, we might also treat ourselves to a new car.” 

Toowoomba couple get down to business 

A hard-working Toowoomba couple where in complete shock when they discovered their $1.4 million Saturday Gold Lotto win. However, the pair were certain they wanted to put their prize to good use.  

“While we might have just won $1.4 million dollars, we will continue to be humble and happy!” the winning woman shared. 

“We really want to be wise with our money and invest it into something great. We want to see it go a long way. 

“My husband has always wanted to start his own hospitality business, and now he can!” 
Shocked Campbelltown woman orders in 

While some winners like to head out on the town to celebrate their good fortune, one New South Wales player revealed she’d be revelling in her tasty Lucky Lotteries win with some takeaway.  

“Are you kidding me? You must be kidding me! Is this a joke? No!” she cried when we called to confirm her win. 

“This is great, darl. This is enormous! It changes everything – my entire life! 

“I’m not cooking dinner tonight anymore. It’s takeaway for dinner! I’ll be calling all my family to break the news, too.” 

What’s your most unique dream for a lottery prize? We hope to find out soon!