Customers may start to notice slightly shorter tickets when purchasing an in-store entry into some of our games.

In an effort to reduce some of our paper usage, we have reduced the size of some logos and barcodes across different ticket types. Yep, we decided to make things a tad smaller but trust us, it's not about making your chances shrink!

Paper tickets have always been a key part of the lottery experience. Well, turns out those tickets were a bit greedy when it came to using thermal paper. So, we’ve gone and reorganised the ticket layout making sure they're just the right size and not hogging unnecessary space.

And here's the cool part: smaller tickets don't just mean less paper—it's a whole domino effect! This move also has the potential to use less ink and cause less terminal printer wear and tear.

But hold on, there's more to this story. This change isn't just a standalone move; it's part of a bigger picture. The Lott's parent company, The Lottery Corporation, has its eyes set on reducing paper use and boosting recycling across all its operations. It's like a ripple effect—small changes leading to bigger, impactful movements.

So, next time you're grabbing your ticket into Powerball, Oz Lotto, or any of your favourite lottery games, know that you're part of creating a positive impact on our environment and small businesses.