Imagine watching a televised draw and hearing your numbers being called out of the barrel. It’s a dream-come-true-moment!

But have a think about what it must be like to be a Channel 7 presenter who gets to announce those winning numbers, and potentially change someone's life in the most incredible way in the process.

To find out more about what our presenters love most about presenting the lottery draw we spoke to a few familiar faces -  Chris Parsons, Liz Cantor and Sammy O’Brien!

How long have you been presenting the lottery draws?

Chris: I’ve been presenting lottery draws or the past four years.

Sammy: It’s been about three years now!

Liz: I’ve been presenting since 2007. 

What is your favourite thing about presenting the lottery draws?

Sammy: My favourite thing is that I know that after I’ve called the numbers someone’s life is going to be drastically different and much better so it’s really exciting!

Chris: I think my favourite thing is that people actually win! They call people up to tell them they’ve won. I love it!

Liz: My favourite thing is the uniqueness of the job and what I’m actually doing. In the moment I call out the numbers I could be changing someone’s life for the better. It’s a really special feeling and I am very lucky to be sharing these moments with division one winners. 

What would you do if you won division one?

Chris: If I won division one I would buy the biggest apartment at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast you have ever seen. I’d possibly by a tiger like the big man Mike Tyson!

Sammy: If I won division one I’d love to travel Australia and then buy a farm. 

Liz: I would buy a beachfront home for the family, do a lot of travel and I’d love to use the dollars to change the world for the better. I’d love to give back to causes such as funding research for a cure for Parkinsons Disease or setting up schools for disadvantaged children in third world countries. 

What do you do to prepare for the draw?

Sammy: I do my hair and makeup to get ready for camera and we always take a photo. Then we are ready to go! 

Liz: Before the director counts me in I always say “Let’s give this money to someone deserving!”. If it’s a big draw and we are all feeling a bit nervous we try and have a joke around with the team and government supervisors. 

Chris: I prepare for the draw by doing some vocal exercises. 


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