Did you know that many of our lottery draws are filmed at the Channel 7 studios in Brisbane, and televised nationally each night? 

You can catch our draws on 7TWO after 8:30pm every night of the week, except for Friday and Sunday. 

To find out more about the lights, camera and action of filming and televising the lottery draws, we spoke to Alexander Garipoli, Head of Local Production at Seven Network Brisbane. 

The draw equipment is brought out onto the set only for the draws, but where is this equipment stored in the meantime and is it secured?

“There are six draw machines used for the games conducted at the studios. When they’re not in use, the equipment is stored under lock and key, and under surveillance cameras. The storeroom can only be accessed jointly by key lottery licence holders from the Office of Liquor and Gambling Regulation and the Lott.

There are also two ball machines stored at the Lott HQ.  Just in case there are unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather events, where we are unable to conduct the draws at Channel 7, these machines mean the draw can still take place.”  

What role does the Channel 7 team have in maintaining the integrity of the draws?

“We are joined by Geoff and his team when a draw takes place. Geoff is the Head of Draw Administration at the Lott, and his team are the ones who are licensed to conduct the draw. 

There are always at least two lottery officials from Geoff’s team here to conduct a draw. The draw officers are joined by a government official from the Office of Liquor and Gambling Regulation. You may remember years ago we used to show the government regulators on camera, however these days they are bit more camera shy, but we can assure you they are here at every draw.

Apart from filming each draw and telecasting it on 7TWO the same night, we also provide a copy of the draw to the government officials, including the CCTV for the night. This ensures the conduct of every person on the draw can be monitored and audited if necessary.”


If you don’t have a chance to tune into our draws on 7TWO, never fear!

You can see the draw footage on the results page of the Lott website. The draws are also uploaded each night to our YouTube channel. 

To find out more behind-the-scenes information about our lottery draws, you can check out the On the Ball series here