To ensure the integrity of our lottery draws, the Lott works closely with government regulators, including the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR). In fact, government regulators are on hand to supervise the conduct of each and every draw. 

One of the government regulators is Emily Viney. We chatted with her to find out more about OLGR’s role in the conduct of lottery draws. 

Can you tell me a bit about what the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation is responsible for?

“The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, or OLGR as we call it, has two main responsibilities. 

First, we maintain the integrity and probity of the gambling industry and ensure that, on balance, the state and the community benefit from gambling. Our second priority is to regulate the liquor industry in a way that is compatible with minimising the harm caused by alcohol abuse and misuse.”

Can you tell us why it is important representatives from your team are present at each lottery draw?

“Our role at the lottery draw is to supervise the conduct of the teams involved to ensure the approved draw process is followed correctly. We supervise all draws, including those that take place at the Channel 7 studios and also the draws that are conducted at the Lott HQ using the Random Number Generator.”

What is your team responsible for during a draw?

“Our team is responsible for providing supervised access to the draw equipment, which is locked away between draws, supervising the setup of the draw equipment, and testing the equipment prior to the draw. 

This ensures the security of the all draw equipment, including ball drawing devices, and ensures the correct game configurations and ball sets are used prior to each draw.

We also have to confirm the official results and sign off that the draw has been conducted in accordance with the approved lottery draw procedures.

Our team also ensure that the equipment being used has been maintained appropriately.”

What training does your team need in order to be able to supervise the draws?

“All OLGR supervisors must receive detailed training before being eligible to supervise lottery draws.”


If people are interested in finding out more about OLGR, they can visit the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General website.

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