Celebrations were in order all ‘round for this week’s winners as news of life-changing lottery wins made for bubbly affairs.

Campbelltown woman fizzes with excitement

A Campbelltown woman scored the guaranteed 1st Prize of $200,000 in a Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw. The happy woman was completely oblivious to her newfound fortune when we called to reveal the life-enhancing news.

“The most I’ve won is about $5,” she said.

“I play each week with hope but to really win is just something else.”

While the win is still sinking in, her only plans so far are to celebrate with friends and toast to her incredible new chapter.

Preston man’s $2.4 million TattsLotto discovery

A couple of cold ones are in order for a long-time lottery player in Preston who woke up in a dreamy daze. The Melburnian man has been playing since he was 18 years old and never thought he would come close to winning division one – until now, with his $2.4 million win from the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

“I’ve played TattsLotto since, oh god, maybe since I was eighteen years old and I’m now in my 50s!” he said.

“I never ever thought that I would come close to winning division one. It’s so surreal.

“I’m going to crack open a beer and chill out!”

Not only was the Preston player’s day at work cut short following the winning news, but he plans to take the whole week off to revel in his new millionaire status and make plans for the future, which may or may not include an early retirement.

Sunshine Coast man’s “mind-altering” $50 million Oz Lotto win

One winner who has absolutely no plans to continue working is a Sunshine Coast man who took home a $50 million Oz Lotto prize. The Queenslander is the third-biggest winner of any lottery game so far this year.

The Landsborough man could not stop laughing when we delivered the ‘mind-altering’ news.

“It means I can resign from work – that’ll be it!” he laughed.
“When my bank manager asked me years ago what my retirement plans, I said, ‘to win the lottery’. He just laughed at me.  Well, I have!

“I don’t know how to feel. You made my day, made my life!”

Resigning from work and paying off the mortgage are the first things he plans on doing after a cheeky champagne breakfast instead of his usual morning cereal to celebrate.

Until next week, good luck.