Community lies at the heart of everything The Mater Foundation do. 

The Mater Foundation is dedicated to identifying, developing and growing health services, and responding to communities in need.  

As far back as 1921, Queensland’s official lotteries have helped fund Mater’s important health initiatives and in 1991 established a long-lasting relationship centered on supporting the wellbeing of our local communities.  

Over the past 30 years, The Lott, through Golden Casket, has contributed over $15 million to Mater’s research programs. Three decades later and this continued investment in health research proves to be as crucial and beneficial as ever. 

From investigating the impacts of COVID-19 on expectant parents and their unborn babies, to exploring ways to reduce fetal distress during labour by using Viagra, The Mater Foundation’s important research focuses on enhancing the wellbeing of mothers and their babies.  

Recently, The Lott via Golden Casket, made a $500,000 donation to support two Mater Foundation research projects. 

The first project looks at the possible link between preterm babies and intellectual disabilities, such as cerebral palsy. If their hypothesis is proven, this research will pave the way for new treatment options that could reduce brain injury in preterm infants. 

The second project works to reduce stillbirths and improve the quality of care for women and families after stillbirth. Sadly, six babies are born stillborn every day in Australia.     

A lot of Australians don’t realise that when they play Australia’s Official Lotteries they’re contributing to important things like the wellbeing of mothers and their babies. And that’s a Lott more to play for. 

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