While we love to surprise Aussies with some spine-tingling chills and heart-pounding thrills, there’s one thing that makes our blood run cold; being ghosted by a mystery winner! 

Yes, nothing haunts us more than discovering someone has scored division one but hasn’t registered their entry to an online account or player card, meaning we have no way to let them know the winning news. 

Even more terrifying is when a winner is registered, but they haven’t kept their contact details up to date, sending us to the infernal void of undeliverable emails and droning dial tones. 

As we head into the spooky season, our plea to all our players is to check your contact details, or if you haven’t already, join The Lott Members Club. It’s free to become a member and you can easily register online, via The Lott app, or simply ask your retailer when next in-store.

Members enjoy more benefits like prize protection, faster prize payment options and bonus draws. And most importantly, we’ll always be able to let you know when you’ve won a prize! 

Thankfully, not all our winners leave us in the dark. 

Earlier this year we called a syndicate of six Sydney colleagues to break the news they’d scored $1.2 million in Saturday Lotto. Their reaction was hair-raising, to say the least. 

“We’re screaming! How are we meant to go back to work after this?” the syndicate leader said. 

Meanwhile in Queensland, another Lotto winner had a creeping feeling that preceded her shocking $1.3 million win.

“I had a sixth sense I was going to win Gold Lotto. I just had a feeling in my stomach,” she said.

“I thought, ‘No, that can’t be right’. I ran to the bedroom and woke up my husband screaming, ‘wake up, wake up now!’.

Whether you’ve got dreams of your own winning screams or are starting to get a gut feeling there’s a win around the corner, there’s plenty of chances to score an un-boo-lievable prize this Halloween. 

Check out your favourite games today. And keep your phone close in case we’re making a winning call to you!