Set for Life set our excitement levels into overdrive this week with the division one prize won twice in a matter of days. However, we’re still eagerly waiting for one winner to discover their incredible windfall.

This week’s winners remind us why it pays to double-check your tickets, register your entries, and keep your phone close!

Defence Force worker in his 20s flies away with Set for Life prize

The hunt is on for a Set for Life division one winner who’s won $20,000 every month for twenty years. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Echuca Square Lotto and scored the division one prize in Set for Life draw 1996, drawn Friday 22 January 2021. Make sure you check your tickets. We can’t wait to unite the winner with their prize.

Just five days later, the division one prize was won yet again. Thankfully, we were able to call the winner, a Defence Force worker in his 20s, and let him know the amazing news. 

“Oh my god! Are you kidding me?” he laughed.

“Oh my god, I am supposed to be working today, but there’s no way I will be able to.”

Canberra woman almost misses call with the news she won $100,000 Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot prize

A Canberra woman added to our suspenseful week, admitting she nearly didn’t answer our winning phone call. However, she trusted her instincts and picked up her phone to the news she’s $100,000 richer! 

“Oh god! This is so overwhelming!” she said. 

“I never answer calls if I don’t know the number, but for some reason, I just had a feeling I needed to answer this call.”

“I am so glad I did! This is the most amazing call I’ve ever received.”

Instant Scratch-Its winner almost throws out $10,000 winning ticket

It must have been a week for close calls as an Instant Scratch-Its winner shared he nearly threw away his top-prize winning ticket. 

“I had scratched the ticket…but I didn’t think it had won anything,” he explained. 

“I handed it to the lady at the counter and said, ‘It’s not a winner, you can throw it away’ and I walked out of the shop.

“But then she yelled out to me and said ‘hey, you’ll want to keep hold of this!’ It was quite the surprise!”

Bushfire Benefit Draw one year on: How WIRES is reviving Aussie wildlife

Among the feel-good stories from our winners this week, we also received an uplifting update from WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service Inc.). 

WIRES was one of several organisations we supported through our Bushfire Benefit Draw in January 2020, where players across the country helped us raise $1.8 million for bushfire aid. 

It’s been one year since our donation and WIRES has done incredible work for wilderness and wildlife recovery, including planting over 92,000 plants for habitat revegetation and expanding wildlife hospitals. Find out more here.