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Do you think you know what Australian Powerball winners do with their multi-million dollar winnings?  Think again.

Early retirements, buying a farm, helping to feed the needy…these are just some of the things that Australian Powerball winners have done following their big win. Powerball winners are challenging the belief that lottery winners blow it all by bringing to life their own unique dreams.


In just 12 months*, 19 division one winners across Australia took home more than $258 million in Powerball prize money.  The top three ‘lucky’ states where these wins happened were New South Wales (8), Victoria (7) and Queensland (4).

The record for the largest Powerball jackpot in Australia is $80 million which occurred on 30 July 2009.  Two winning entries from Victoria and New South Wales shared the Division One prize and claimed $40 million each.

The record for the largest single winning Powerball entry is $70 million when a single Powerball entry won the entire division one prize on 7 January 2016. The prize was won by grandparents from Hervey Bay who say they've never won anything more than a chook raffle. The winners saw six missed phone calls before checking their ticket and returning the Lott’s call.


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Powerball Play By Your Own Rules

On the back of launching an exciting new game matrix that gives players a chance to win more often and win bigger jackpots, Powerball has unveiled the biggest rebrand in the game’s 20-year history. The question that has everyone talking is ‘what if you had the freedom to play by your own rules?’

“While we hear reports that overseas lotteries winners blow their winnings, Australian Powerball Division One winners know they are on a once-in-a-lifetime journey and are keen to make the most of it by living life on their own terms and playing by their own rules.” stated the Lott’s Powerball spokesperson Bronnie Spencer.

Winning $30 million, $50 million or even $70 million is something that most of us can only imagine, but our ecstatic Powerball division one winners have shown that almost anything is possible,” she said.

“For a young mum from Lewisham in Sydney who became more than $20 million richer in March this year, her Powerball win was the catalyst for her and her husband to work less and spend more time with their children.”



Six Sydney tradies whose private syndicate yielded them a $16.4 million division one prize said they were ready to ‘down tools’ indefinitely so they could enjoy their $2.73 million each.” 

“Likewise with our winner from Gatton, Queensland who won division one in August last year – upon receiving her life-changing
news she vowed to retire immediately.”

Ms Spencer said it wasn’t just quitting their jobs or retiring early that allowed Powerball winners to live their dream lifestyle, it was also a chance for them to follow their passions.

“Whether its travel, a new business venture or a upgrading their home, the dreams of Powerball winners can be as large as the jackpots themselves.

“A train enthusiast from Thornbury, Victoria, was ready to pack his bags and board The Ghan – the first of many luxury holidays he was planning with his Powerball prize.  While a hardworking Nambucca Heads dad bought a farm for his family with his $25 million win.

“While helping their nearest and dearest is a common theme, for one Western Sydney man who won $50 million in May last year, lending a hand to his community was also important.  His long-held passion project was to use his catering expertise to help feed the needy.”

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What happens when a player wins Powerball 

From ear-piercing screams to stunned silence, Ms Spencer said she expected the unexpected when delivering the Division One winning news to Powerball winners. 

“Regardless of what our Powerball winners do with their prize, the excitement of knowing they are suddenly free of financial stress is both palpable and exhilarating.

“It’s this freedom that gives them the opportunity to play by their own rules – whatever that means for them!”

Playing Australian Powerball

1. In each game of Powerball, players must correctly choose the seven winning numbers drawn from a set of 1-35 as well as one number (the Powerball) from a set of numbers from 1-20.

Powerball game entry. Numbers 1 to 35. Powerball number 1 to 20. thelott.com

2. There are nine prize divisions with division one offering the advertised jackpot prize.

3. The guaranteed first division jackpot amount is based on the prize pool accumulated over the jackpot roll, plus the projected level of interest expected for the draw.  The more people who play in turn boosts the prize amount they can win.

4. Powerball is drawn every Thursday night after 7:30pm (AEST).

5. Winning numbers can be checked at thelott.com and the draw is televised on 7TWO on the night of the draw.

Powerball Winning Divisions


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Powerball is a national game, with the Lott including jurisdictions covering Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.
*16 May 2017 to 16 May 2018