It’s been a few years since a Sydney mum won an incredible $107 million Powerball prize, smashing lottery records and catapulting her into the history books as the country’s biggest individual lottery winner.

In January 2019, the humble and hardworking nurse received a phone call that changed her life and made her an overnight multi-millionaire.

She wants the country to know what she’s been up to since that life-changing phone call and how she’s enjoying her incredible prize. Click here to find out more of her story!

The mum in her 40s shocked the nation when she said on the night of the historic draw that she’d be showing up to work the very next day, and we can confirm she has held true to her word. 

“I don’t know why people were so shocked!” she told us.

“I’m still working and my husband is also still working; we both love our jobs!”

The Sydney woman said she and her husband had always been passionate about giving back to the community, and the prize has allowed them to create a legacy that would continue far beyond their lifetimes.

“In those weeks after our win, I walked down the street and I knew that just about every second person bought a ticket into the draw, and I know that I won their $10 or $15 and that really resonated with me,” she explained.

“Paying it forward is really important to us because if you change one person’s life, you have the potential to change the whole community. 

“We have already made some really important donations, and we’re always thinking a lot about what we want to support next.”

In terms of “pinch me” moments since her record-breaking windfall, the grateful Sydney mum confessed there’s at least one every single day.

“We were able to buy a lovely house and it’s going to be a family home for generations to come,” she explained.

“That’s something that I’ve always dreamt of and every time I walk into my beautiful home is a pinch-me moment!”

The down-to-earth mum shared she’s still happily cleaning the house and doing the grocery shopping but did confess there was one chore she didn’t think twice about ditching. 

“I’ve never been one for ironing, I do now have someone who does the ironing for me and that’s been invaluable,” she laughed. 

“I’ll clean and cook, but I’m more than happy to never pick up an iron ever again.”

And for how else she’s enjoying her mind-blowing prize, she explained it’s the little luxuries in life that she never thought she’d be able to indulge in. 

“I love books and to be able to go into a bookshop and buy whatever book you want is amazing. It’s things like that that I don’t take for granted,” she said.

“Being able to buy fresh flowers is a luxury, that’s a lovely thing to do. 

“I can buy a nicer bottle of wine now, after celebrating with a cheap bottle of chardonnay!

“And having the ability to travel with the children is incredible. We never thought we’d be able to afford to do that, it was always out of reach for us so to have those memories is priceless!”