Lottery players across the country will be holding their breath tonight, waiting to see if the numbers on their ticket are drawn and they’re crowned the next Powerball multi-millionaire.   

Anticipation is growing ahead of tonight’s $80 million Powerball draw, with one-in-four Australian adults expected to have an entry by the time the draw closes.   

It’s the equal biggest Australian lottery jackpot offered so far this year. In previous $80 million Powerball draws, ticket sales have peaked just after 5pm on the day of the draw, when more than 4,000 retail and online entries were purchased each minute.  

If one person takes home tonight’s $80 million Powerball prize they would share the title of Australia’s third-biggest lottery winner ever. Currently, the record for Australia’s biggest individual lottery prize winner is held by a Sydney mum who took home over $107 million in January 2019.   

For those grabbing a ticket for the chance to win $80 million tonight, we recommend you register your tickets to a player card or online account. That way if you do win division one and you’re a registered player, we will be able to reach you straight after the draw tonight to break that life-changing news.   

If you hear your phone ringing after 8.30pm tonight, make sure you pick it up as it could be us and we’d be keen for a chat!   

A friendly reminder that our outlets that are open are enforcing the government’s latest public health directions and hygiene requirements and have a range of measures in place to protect their customers and team members.   

Be mindful of social-distancing if you’re visiting in store and remember tickets can also be purchased online or via The Lott mobile app. 

Like the rest of the country, we can’t wait to see the outcome of tonight’s $80 million Powerball draw!